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July 7, 2012
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I figure I write out an essay of each six mane character. I will start with my top favorite pony Rainbow Dash and work from there. So let's get started. First of all, I'm sure most of you have already figured out that Rainbow Dash is my top favorite out of all the six ponies. Fluttershy is very, VERY close to being first like her. But if I was forced to choose, I would pick Rainbow.  Now I've read a few reviews from other people who state they don't always like Rainbow. I have seen their views and I can understand why they don't.  But some of their points can be really ridiculous. For example, stating she is overrated due to her being on the show more and having more artwork is just one of them. I honestly think people shouldn't dislike her for that.

Some have even questioned of why she has such a large fanbase when in the show she doesn't seem to be a likeable character. That was considered a very low point and I must explain that Rainbow isn't a character to really dislike. Sure, I have found some points that even I don't like her. But I will get into that later. Let me explain why she is and will always be my top favorite character. Now, I'm thinking that Rainbow has a large fanbase is not because she is based upon the show's creator Lauren Faust's own favorite pony Firefly, but probably because a lot of people can see her good points.

Yes, I know for a fact Rainbow Dash has had some weak points that make her seem well…annoying. Like her constant bragging, her large ego, and sometimes rude behavior. But let me explain that Rainbow isn't always like that. Plus she has a good reason to act that way. Not to mention it makes her different from the others. Every character has to have their faults otherwise it will be very boring. For Rainbow, that is her faults. And unlike her haters, I look past that to see what she really is; a loyal and heart of gold pony who cares deeply about her friends.

Now, some of have argued that there are times when Rainbow is disloyal to her friends and doesn't seem to hold up her end of her Element of Loyalty. Can I just say that ALL the ponies have shown that they too don't show their elements as well and not just Rainbow? Why is that? Because the ponies are still trying to perfect the elements and learn more about friendship. It's not just Rainbow so I don't like how people narrow her out just because of her flaws. I never do that with Applejack and she's considered my least favorite out of the six mane ponies. But I will talk about Applejack in her own essay cause I'm talking about Rainbow.

To continue, Rainbow Dash has proven time and time again that she is loyal. Like standing up for her friends to her old and ex-friend Gilda, or standing up for Fluttershy when the two were just fillies, and even then proving her friends are more important to her than her dreams in the very first episode. And when Hurricane Fluttershy rolled around, I had to admit I was afraid she would be mean to Fluttershy like she did in Dragonshy, but to my relief that is not what she did. Also, it was shown in Sonic Rainboom (another one of my top favorite episodes) is that Rainbow gets very insecure and stage fright easily when hundreds of ponies are watching her to be her best. That right there says a lot of why she acts the way she does. It's to cover up her softer side. Also in Cutie Mark Chronicles, Rainbow Dash like Fluttershy was bullied as a filly. It may also explain why she tries to keep doing her best.

Now, one person who thought Hurricane Fluttershy was not the best episode pointed that even though Rainbow seemed kinder, she still was pressuring Fluttershy into doing something she didn't want to do and all because for some stupid record. I have to say that person needs to re-watch the episode again because that is NOT what I saw. Yes, Rainbow tried to urge Fluttershy to help with the tornado and it was for the record. But Rainbow first heard out why Fluttershy didn't want to do this. And she was not mean to her at all. She never was going to force Fluttershy into doing something she didn't want to do. And before anyone tries to point out that she made Fluttershy feel guilty to agree, Rainbow looked very sad that her friend didn't want to help. She was simply flying away to get back to work and Fluttershy decided on her own. That was why Rainbow was super happy that Fluttershy did want to help.

Also, to further point out, Rainbow never saw through Fluttershy's eyes on what it's like to be laughed when she can barely fly well. By the time Fluttershy pointed out to compare if she was her what she would do, Rainbow finally understood. She also was the only one who seemed concern about how to help Fluttershy while the others simply walked away. That there shows that Rainbow does care for her friends no matter what. Hurricane Fluttershy compared to Dragonshy was considered one of the season two's best episodes. The writers finally showed a better side to Rainbow Dash and it helped strengthen the friendship she and Fluttershy had. It was also the reason why it's one of my top favorite episodes.

Now to compare, for Dragonshy, I admit, Rainbow was exactly at her best in that episode. Her constant belittling Fluttershy and doing things without thinking made me sigh. But come on, a lot of characters similar to Rainbow have done things like that too. Which is why I have come to tell you the things that when Rainbow bothers me.

I have read reviews before and sometimes there are people who don't give the characters a fair trade and I have yet to see one that shows the person's favorite character does have their flaws. And same goes for their least favorite character. (For example, the same person I mentioned earlier gave Rainbow a hard time and didn't seem to list the positive things they could try to find about the character and I found it very unfair. And another example that someone who loves Applejack kept going on and on about how awesome she was and never said one flaw about her.) I try to be fair to the characters I don't like and do like. For Rainbow Dash, she is no exception.

All right, now as much as Rainbow is considered my top favorite character out of the six mane ponies and I have looked past her flaws and see what a good pony she is, there are times she does annoy me. For example, I don't always like it when she brags about how good she can be. I mean yeah, she does it because she's insecure and feels if she doesn't, nopony will ever look at her the same way. But the thing that gets me as the seasons went on is that, being with her friends, she should have eased the attitude down a bit. But she still stays the same and as the other ponies at least grow up a bit, she doesn't seem to and that bothers me. That seems to be the writers' fault there I suppose. I really wish they would make her lighten up a bit. This kind of writing reminds me of how they treat Jade in VicTORIous. For those who don't know, Jade is a character in the show who's considered a little mean, sometimes a bully, but does seem to have heart when her friends call out for her. She was like that to Tori in the beginning and as season one went on, she seemed to lighten up and to the point Tori and her was starting to understand the other. But when season two rolled around, the writers butchered Jade up and made her meaner than ever before. And it was to the point that made me wonder how any of her friends and her boyfriend puts up with her attitude. The same goes here for Rainbow.

That is the one thing I can agree that the writers don't seem to know what to do with Rainbow. It's also one of the reasons why I hated The Mysterious Mare Do Well episode. That episode has already taught us a lesson we saw back in Boast Busters. Yes I know the lesson in that one was more focused on that your friends will accept you as long as you don't go in over your head about how good you are. But this one is like the same lesson and it made Rainbow's character even more to the point that it made me like: "Really?" Rainbow Dash even made a point that boasting too far can get you nowhere. She said so herself in Boast Busters after Twilight admitted she was afraid her friends would hate her. Not in the exact words, but she understood that boasting too much is not a good thing. But apparently when a few new writers rolled around like Merryweather Williams, it's like they have no idea of how to handle the characters and that makes me worried.

Now, what I would have like to see in The Mysterious Mare Do Well, is that Rainbow's loyalty is tested. Like since she is considered awesome, she starts helping out the ponies and she is doing so many things that she seems to neglect her friends when in fact that is not what she is trying to do. And that's when her friends make up the Mysterious Mare Do Well to help out Rainbow in her tasks. Rainbow is of course thinking that MMDW might be trying to steal her spot. But in the end, she sees her friends were only trying to help and that she needs to plan what she does better and always remember her friends. Now that would have been a better episode and a good lesson for kids.

I must admit, Williams is not my top favorite writer. Sure she did okay with episodes like Hearth's Warming Eve and Dragon Quest. But she kind of ruined my top favorite characters like Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy with The Mysterious Mare Do Well and Putting Your Hoof Down. Luckily I am loyal enough to those two to realize what they do isn't always their fault.

It seems like Williams has this way of making ponies seems like jerks when they are not really. Like after the episode of A Friend in Deed and going straight to Putting Your Hoof Down, the ponies that Fluttershy meets all become such jerks its like whatever happened to being friendly to your neighbors? I can understand just a few ponies having a bit of a bad day, but every single pony Fluttershy meets and treats her harshly? Uh no. That doesn't seem to fit. That's why in Dragon Quest that yes even though Williams went a little too far of having Rainbow insult Spike, she made it up for Rainbow being worried for Spike.

To be fair, Rainbow has had her faults and sometimes I would think she needs to grow up. And that's what I want to see in season three. I really want to see Rainbow being more grown up and showing her kind side (like in Hurricane Fluttershy) to her friends a lot more often. So yes, despite Rainbow hasn't really done a thing to make me dislike her, her flaws sometimes can't be ignored. So I do understand why some people just can't like her.

Now to finish off, I really hope to see some better character build up with her in the future. I really do want to see more into what her family is like and her friendship with other ponies like Rarity. These are my views on Rainbow Dash. If you don't agree with what I said, that's fine. These are my opinions and I tried to be fair from the get-go. I will be talking about Fluttershy next. See you guys then.

yeah, I decided to write my full view on the ponies. I started with Rainbow Dash since she is my favorite one. These are all my opinions and if anyone disagrees, that is fine. I was just simply stating my views. Thank you.

Rainbow Dash, MLP (c) Lauren Faust
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SuperCuteBomb Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
but... but... pinkie pie is da bestest right? or may bey derpyy?
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you ask me, she reminds me a bit of Anakin Skywalker!
TheDarkestMemory Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice to see someone speak their mind on something they believe in.
If I had to guess your pony ranking it probably be
1. Rainbow Dash (obviously since you stated it in here)
2. Fluttershy (again obvious you stated)
3. Pinkie Pie (personal fav cause she is hilarious)
4. Twilight (I don't know why it just seems you like her around here)
5. Rarity (She filled in her because of number 6)
6. Applejack (You seem to focus on her in the dislike more then the others in this POV of yours)
Just a guess
the-ocean-sings Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Why can't some people understand that "tomboy" doesn't always equal "loud, pushy, and obnoxious"?

As a fellow fan of Dash, I'm in agreement about your views on her portrayal in Season 2. With these pointers I bet Season 3 would be the best one yet, and that's no kiss-up :D
Feepette Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, the writer change totally makes sense!
I was wondering why so many of the ponies started acting like jerks in the second season...thank you for clearing that up.
I love this. I can't wait to read your other essays.
ColorSplashArts Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yup...which is why I think Rainbow's character was handled a bit better in season one. but at least in Hurricane Fluttershy, it showed a better side to her.

Thank you. ^^
Feepette Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome.
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