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October 26, 2010
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I thought I write an essay on my thoughts regarding to CanonxCanon, CanonxOC, and a few other things. Ok, first of all, I get a couple of comments (not recently but within the last few months) about how I don't support DannyxSam but support KimxRon. I will explain that later on in here. First of all, to start with, I would like to say that I support certain types of pairings depending on how well they go together. I do try to be observant in what I view from my favorite cartoons and shows. I might as well start off with top CanonxCanon pairings I don't support, two CxC pairings I do support and then work my way into CanonxOC.


My thoughts on CanonxCanon really depends. The one thing I do get annoyed is when people try to state that just because it happened in the show that anything that has nothing to do with the pairing is downright impossible. Now, I might as well enlighten you all of how narrow that is. First of all, just because you see your favorite couple kissing and they go off in blazing happy ever after, that means they will stay together forever and ever. :/ No. That's not true. I try to view the pairings I see as like what reality shows. True love is very hard to find. That's why there are certain pairings I see that don't seem to fit. Here are the two top ones I don't support and my reasons as to why in what I observed.

-DannyxSam: Yes, many of you have already figured out that I don't support them at all. Some of you have asked why. Some of you have tried to rub it in my face of how they were "made for each other." I might as well begin by pointing out that both friend Chelsi and I have seen of how badly they clash with one of another. The reason they are considered one of the top pairings because you don't see a half ghost kid and a Goth being paired up. So it's considered unique. HOWEVER, from what I observed in the cartoon, the way they act toward each other will only have them get a harsh break up. Unless you people want to put them both out of character to have such a happy life it's going to make anyone throw up. I used a copy of what my friend Chelsi stated and posted on my homepage. I don't want to repeat myself on WHY I don't support DxS, so here it is:

First of all,let me say that I have no problem with the DannyxSam pairing and those who ship it. But chose not to ship it because I dislike it. And no, it's not for a dumb reason. I just don't think Sam is right for Danny. Although I think she's an awesome character, there are many aspects and flaws in her character alone that make her seem like the worst choice ever for Danny, as far as canon pairings go. Read further for an explanation of the huge flaws in Sam's character (along with a little bit of Danny's).

Danny and Sam. Two best pals, a Goth girl and a ghost boy. Friends to the end, and a match made in Heaven? I think not.

Most of the DannyxSam fans have been blinded by the oh-so-cutesy moments that these two have had together in the show. A couple of fakeout makeouts, a compliment that earned a blush, the "emotional" moments they've shared before an epic battle. Sure, the amount of special moments that have happened in the show could make them a perfect couple, but do you ever look at the characters BEHIND the romance? Ever notice how their lifestyles and personalities clash so badly?

Sam. The eco-friendly "individual" Goth girl that acts a bit too mature for her age.

Danny. The care-free and spirited space boy who makes a lot of stupid decisions because of his immaturity.

Sam is the brains of the group, and has enough kick to put Danny's and Tucker's immature butts into line when it's needed. However, Sam also has a self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitude that makes her seem, well, like a total bitch. She supports individuality, saying Danny's powers make him "unique" but in many different situations, Sam has scolded Danny for using his powers in one way or another. While she usually opposes of Danny using his powers to play pranks or any immaturity, but take a moment and think back to "Memory Blank" when the trio were first observing the Hummer-like monster trucks in a car lot. Sam, being the self-righteous eco Goth, suggested that Danny should use his powers to scare off people from buying the gas-guzzlers. That adds hypocrite to the list of flaws that Sam has.

Sam also tends to ignore, boycott, or snub certain things that aren't up to her "standards". For example, the banning of meat in the school cafeteria and her "Save the frogs" campaign (which she only had herself to back up on). And then there was the whole Gregor/Elliot nonsense. Blinded by love, Sam turned the cold shoulder on Danny when he truly cared for Sam enough to notify her of his suspicions of the boy. Doesn't seem like a very good friend, does she?

However, Sam has been a good friend and has had Danny's back in some cases. Not all, but some. Most of the time, it ends up with her being angry about something that DANNY did. Often times, these two fight because of their own personal decisions, like when Danny was dating Kitty/Paulina and then Valerie. Instead of being a good friend and trying to put on a smile, she openly raged on about it. Okay, she didn't like these girls, but shouldn't she have been a LITTLE happy for Danny?

Although she had these obvious flaws, season 1 and season 2 still dished out decent material for Sam to fall back on and make her seem like a decent character-until season 3 aired.

We all know that season 3 was the work of a brand new team of writers with newer, and "more interesting" plots for episodes. No, they enitrely butchered it up-and Sam as well. She basically crossed the line and stepped (more like took a huge leap) into "canon!Sue" territory. Her rightious holier-than-thou attitude really took a huge step backwards in the entire series. She as a character took on a more serious role, either by portraying "I'm right and you're not"/"I'm I know more so I'm better than you" vibes to other characters-especially Danny.

In the entire series, Sam got in the way of a lot of Danny's actions. She alone was a nuisance, a bitch, and a hypocrite. But that doesn't mean Danny was totally innocent either. He in turn snubbed Sam for things such as popularity and riches. In Memory Blank, BOTH characters had obvious faults. First it was Danny's for cancelling that movie night with Sam to go to Paulina's birthday party. And then Sam's for making matters worse by saying all the wrong things. The constant fighting and frustration between these two characters make it seem impossible for their romance to last long enough to even go anywhere. In short, Sam's just not right for Danny. In fact, I don't think she even deserves him. In all honesty, if Butch continued Danny Phantom, a season 4 would be filled with constant bickering between Danny and Sam and their relationship would go nowhere at all-and it's just my opinion, but with their history, romance would be cut short, and they would be better off as friends still.

It may seem like Sam-bashing to a lot of you (I actually love Sam. Despite her terrible flaws, I think she's an awesome character). But trust me; I'm very observant when it comes to the Danny Phantom series and Phandom. Take some time to re-watch the series and look at the "true" Danny and Sam behind the fluffy moments.

So anyway, as you can see, from the reasons here, it does seem very impossible for Danny and Sam to EVER be together. In my opinion, they will break up in less than a month. That's why I don't view DxS as a great pairing. I'm not saying for people to stop supporting DxS. But I think another reason most DP fans support DxS is due to that fact they kissed in Phantom Planet and they are officially a couple. :/ If it's canon, than you godda support it. Those are my thoughts on DxS. Now onto another pairing I don't support.

-YugixTea(Anzu): Wow, I can see of how much in common both DP and YGO have. I don't support the two main pairings in either. Now, why don't I support this pairing? I have a friend who supports it and tried to state she can see of how well they go with each other. Uh…the way I view it, it's the same thing with DannyxSam. Both their personalities don't go together and they are better off as friends. Here's why; like Sam, Tea (Anzu) is considered very mature and a bit pushy self-righteous girl who is sometimes determined to get what she wants. And Yugi is like Danny in ways as well. An shy, innocent, kind of immature young boy who loves girls. Sound familiar?

Now, before you judge me, like Sam, I love Tea (Anzu). It's really hard for me to dislike most people. For me, I seem to dislike the bubbly happy type of people (Bubbles from PPG, Cat from VicTORIous, and Angela from the TTYL book series). But anyway, I don't support Tea to be with Yugi because I can see that they will not last long. I'm not saying she isn't a good friend. She is. In fact, she's a very good friend to Yugi and will always be. But I only view her to be only just a friend to Yugi. Reason being is because from I've seen in the manga and anime, she only loves the Pharaoh. And after the pharaoh is gone, she will only see Yugi as a shadow of him and will never feel anything for him.

And sometimes, she seems to get in trouble on purpose just to lure the Pharaoh out. :/ I didn't like of how that happened in the manga book 6 of when she put herself in danger just so she can see the spirit. That's call poor judgment. And sometimes, she kind of treats Yugi poorly; like yelling at him for reading the newspaper of the Bomber? Uh…ok. I would think that reading a newspaper about something dangerous is considered important.

But like I said, I'm not trying to be harsh on Tea (Anzu). I'm only simply of what I see. Yugi defiantly has his faults too. He has a crush on Tea (Anzu) and tries to please her most of the time. But she doesn't seem to care something. If I had a crush on someone, I would stop trying to please them after awhile.

So, as you can see, like with DannyxSam, Yugi and Tea (Anzu) wouldn't last very long. I could see Tea (Anzu) wanting to break up with Yugi because he's not the pharaoh and she'll only love the pharaoh. That's why I don't see any possible future between her and Yugi.


Now, these two pairings are the top canon pairings I don't support. Now, there are canon pairings that I can totally support with no problem at all.

-KimxRon: Now, like I stated earlier, someone had asked me why I don't support DxS but I support KxR. First of all, all four are different and from different shows. Just because I don't happen to support one canon pairing doesn't mean I won't support ALL canon pairings. Talk about jumping to conclusions there. Anyway, why do I support KimxRon? Here's the thing, I love Kim Possible almost as much as Danny Phantom. Yes both shows are similar in ways, but the two main characters a bit different in many ways. Not to mention Kim and Ron's friendship is different to Danny and Sam's. Here's why.

For one thing, yes Kim and Sam share similar personalities as well as Danny and Ron. However, I can see of how Kim and Ron do well with each other. Despite the difference both have, they don't fight a lot. Not like Danny and Sam. Not to mention their personalities don't clash.

Now, you may have noticed that of how Sam gets very jealous of seeing Danny with another girl. Yeah I know that's natural since she has a crush on Danny. But in my opinion, she should try to be happy for him. And we also know that the two were going to get together in the end. Which why it's cliché. That's why Kim and Ron are different. For the first couple of seasons, there was NO hint of them getting together until season 3. In fact, that's what made KimxRon more likable, because no one was sure. No hint of them getting embarrassed of being together. And even when either was going out with another person, they were supportive and no sign of being jealous.

Yes, in season 3 it showed of how jealous Ron or Kim got toward Eric or Yuri. But that was because Kim and Ron were starting to see each other in a new light. However, they were still unsure. Now, here's the difference of what happened between Kim/Eric/Ron to Sam/Gregor/Danny. Now, I know some of you are going to try to compare that. But seriously, both are different. Here's why:

Yes, Kim kind of turned her back on Ron, but because she was worried about the prom. Not to mention she thought Ron was only going to be her friend. So when Eric came into the scene, she thought she found the perfect boyfriend. Ron was jealous yes, but he didn't try to interfere or spy on Kim and Eric like Danny did with Sam and Gregor. And to further point out, Kim didn't turn on Ron when he had some news of what was going on. Not like Sam who wouldn't listen to what Danny said about Gregor and she plain cold-shouldered Danny. See the differences?

This is why I have no problem with RonxKim because I can see they do have a future with each other. They are cute together and it wasn't cliché of how they ended up together. This is why I support KimxRon. Now onto another pairing that I support.

-HarryxGinny: I heard people trying to claim Ginny is a total sue. However, the points that Hoodiegirl have pointed out shows that Ginny IS NOT a sue. I support this pairing just fine due to the fact I can totally see it. J.K. Rowling did a pretty good job of how they get together. People claim that Harry falls straight in love with Ginny the first time he sees her. Excuse me? Uh…last time I checked when he first met her, he only saw her as a friend and has been for awhile now. That is until book 6. Not to mention he tries to convince himself that Ginny is like his little sister.

Also, Mrs. Rowling has made a point of Ginny being pretty, but stating Ginny is pretty a few times doesn't make her a sue. Now if she had like one of the evil Death Eaters fall in love with her (which of course doesn't happen) I would question it. But they still try to kill her even though ONE of them states she's pretty.

Furthermore, Ginny isn't seemed much of how well she does spells. I'm sure it's not as good as Hermione. So we can't be sure. But we know she does have a few flaws. So having to point further, I support HarryxGinny no matter what anyone says.


So, those are the pairings that I support the most. Like I said, having to support one pairing to another, it really doesn't matter. That's why it's annoying of how people think because I don't support a few canon pairings, that means I don't support ANY of them. (rolls eyes) Now, moving on…

As you know, I have been known to make OCs be paired up a main character. DannyxCarrie, TashaxSonic, CatzixRyou, BastxAtem, and CarlyxTracey. However, the thing is, I'm not always that big on it…


Now, this is probably gonna surprise most of you, but…I'm not that BIG of a supportive of it. I am to most of it, but not always. To be honest, I'm selfish when it comes to my favorite characters. Like Danny, Yugi, Ryou, ect. I kinda get tired of seeing OCs I don't know being paired up with any of them. But don't worry, I do tend to give OCs a chance.

To point further, it sometimes takes me awhile to get to some OCs. Like with my friend Chelsi's OCs, I have to admit. I didn't like either of them, but after some time and having her redesign them, I started to like both and now I like them very much.

So yeah, there is some OCs being paired up with some characters that can be annoying. And I'm not talking about just sues. This is just my thought on CanonxOC. As long as I find the OC believable and good work on it, I will have no problem supporting it. However, having to keep up with a lot of OCs, it can be annoying… ^^; sorry.

Last Thoughts

So, this is the reason I wrote this in the first place; to explain on my thoughts of canon and the like. The thing is, I really don't like of how people think of using the term sue for OCs because they happen to hate them it's considered downright idiotic and rude as well. I know some people have their different opinions of not liking OCs, however, just using the term Mary sue for an excuse isn't a good way to go. If you don't like OCs, fine, but no need to make stamps or state harshly about it.

Thank you all for reading it and respecting me for my opinion.


it says it all up there. if anyone is gonna flame me or be immature, I will calmly state to grow up. I just thought I point out what I support and the like.
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Nicktoons4ever Jul 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Well said. :)
You have a good point of the DannyxSam pairing. Never thought of it like that before.
tHeAnNyOiNg1 Jul 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree with all of those reasons, I hardy get the chance to watch Danny Phantom any more, but I never saw Sam and Danny together, the few episode I got/get to watch.
Wow.I got surprised that you support GinnyxHarry.Don't worry,I do too.I also support KimxRon.
Surfinghaxorus Mar 19, 2011
Well done! Some thoughts on "Canon" It's all realtive wither you consider sesons 1 and 2 of DP "Canon" and season 3 does not count or only some eps do its all realtive cause heck their are 6 "canon" star wars movies yet most fans only see the orinal triogly as "Canon". sorry for bad spelling it's late at night and i sleepy!
Maybe it's just because I originally watched DP when I was younger, and only got to watch the third season (and thus PP) recently, but I've always liked Danny and Sam as a couple. Until the last few episodes, I was still half-convinced they were going to pull a Code Lyoko and leave the whole thing sort of ambiguous. Suppose my belief is just too easy to suspend.

I would also like to point out that they're in highschool, and Sam is extremely sarcastic (I can relate to her in a lot of ways, especially the sarcasm), so a lot of the fighting is, in my mind, almost expected (in the sense that sarcasm, with certain personalities, can be morphed quickly into a misunderstanding, and also that if you ever listen in on highschool 'friends' talking, half of what they say is going to be bickering). I always liked them for the fact that they could work past their differences. They both have their flaws, but they mature as the season progresses, to a point, and I don't think that'll stop any time soon, since they were sophomores at the latest by the end. I'm not attempting to change your mind; you've probably heard it all before, but if you get to say your opinions, I think I should have a chance to give mine.

I agree with you on TeaxYugi, though, and I can see a lot of your reasoning for DannyxSam. I got tired of the jealousy, too. And even though DxS is my favorite pairing for the show, I tend to write more angst for it than anything else, and I also really like DannyxValerie and the occasional DannyxEmber, so I'm not going to be canon holier-than-thou about it.

As far as OCs go... I agree with your hesitation. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way when it's the center of a piece... I'm never sure how to feel, and I'm always wary of sues... I generally try to stay away from it. I'm sorry to say that, while your art has gotten fantastic, I don't think I'll ever really be able to like the thought of DannyxCarrie because of it. I don't know her well enough to psychoanalyze it, and the only reason I ever like the thought of fourth+ half-ghosts are alternate dimensions. I feel that not every character needs to be paired up, so if you can't find a pairing you like from the characters in that show (or one that would work from a crossover), then maybe you don't need to be writing/drawing romance for them. A least not as heavily as a lot of people do. :shrug: Just my thoughts, though. Apparently plenty of people love what you do. So who am I to criticize?
ColorSplashArts Mar 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thank you for your mature and honest opinion. I understand from your POV. and I'm thankful that you see of what I see in DxS and TeaxYugi. As for DannyxCarrie, I understand your concern, but honestly, I find it better to write romantic fics for them. Thanks.
lieutenant-rar Feb 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree entirely .

DannyxSam has to be my favorite CanonxCanon , but only because of what 'could be .' I like imagining them together more as mature adults rather than hormonal young teenagers . You're right ; their personalities do clash horribly .
To be honest I think Sam is more of a rebel and/or poser , to either stand up to those who defy her or give herself an image in which she's different and better than everyone else . It'd be better if Danny was with someone more down-to-earth , or at least not a gloomy goth .

I do enjoy CanonxOC ; like Carrie or Misty . They seem better suited for Danny overall . But I hate to say that those two are the only OCs I've seen that actually make a good pairing . Others have no build-up relationship with the characters they're paired with , and a lot are just Mary Sues .

I'm glad at least one person is being open-minded about this .
ColorSplashArts Feb 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well...even when you make them mature adults and what not, it only makes them OOC and not even the same Danny and Sam anymore. :/ But yeah, thanks for your statement. :)
lieutenant-rar Feb 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I suppose so . 'Welcome . (:
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